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Beacon Bay Marina, LLC., Beacon Bay Marina & RV Park and BeaconBayMarinaRV may be referred to as Marina & Park or Park through out this form.

We will only accept reservations when accompanied by a deposit equal to 1 day's lot fee. Deposits can be in the form of a credit card authorization, cash, check or money order. We accept the following credit cards for reservations: VISA AND MASTERCARD. A valid credit card on file will be required for all guests, regardless of the form of deposit paid, no exceptions.

Rent is payable in advance and no refundable to anyone who makes a personal decision to vacate his/her lot. Under no circumstances should you consider yourself a tenant with a lease. Remember, your legal status is that of overnight guests only. The Marina & Park is for vacation usage only. Failure to make rent payments will be grounds for immediate removal from the Marina & Park area. We have a no refund policy.

All refunds or credits of Deposit or Rent is at the sole discretion of Beacon Bay Marina & RV Park. No guarantee of refund or credit is implied or stated. A Deposit paid in advance to hold a specific site may be refunded provided Beacon Bay Marina & RV Park is given a 24 hour notice prior to the arrival date of the registered guest. Absolutely no full refunds within less than 24 hours of arrival, For daily reservations, if the cancellation request is not received 24 hours in advance, a late cancellation fee equal to 1 day's lot fee will be charged. For weekly reservations, if the cancellation request is not received 24 hours in advance, a late cancellation fee equal to 2 day's lot fee will be charged. For a one month reservations, if the cancellation request is not received 24 hours in advance, a late cancellation fee equal to 2 day's lot fee will be charged.

Returned checks - in addition to a $25 NSF fee, you will be charged a $25 late fee plus $10 per day past the due date of your rent, until full payment is received in cash, cashiers check or money order. Future rent payments after an NSF payment must be in the form of CASH only.

Nightly Rates:
RV Space with 30 amp Electricity: $30/night, $150.00/week, $375.00/month
RV Space with 50 amp Electricity: $30/night, $150.00/week, $375.00/month

Rates are based on 4 persons and 2 vehicles
Additional person above 12 years of age: $4.00/night
Additional vehicles $3.00/night
Keep boat in open slip $5.00/night


10 MPH Speed Limit in Marina & RV Park - Watch for Children

Camping is permitted only in designated areas.

All pets must be on a leash and cleaned up after. do not leave pets unattended. Pet owners are solely responsible for their pets and any damage or injuries that may occur. Ill-behaved pets or ones deemed dangerous, intimidating, or destructive will be evicted and banned from Marina & Park.

Displaying of firearms of any type or the exploding of fireworks by patrons is prohibited by the Marina & Park.

From 10:00 pm to 7:00 am, is considered to be quiet time, but please no loud music or noise at anytime. Please be considerate of your neighbors, also applies to generators, power plants, etc.

No Swimming. There are no approved swimming areas. Swim at your own risk. No lifeguard on duty. No diving from banks, bulkheads or piers.

All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Please no littering outside of your space as well. Please place all trash, bottles, cans, cigarette butts, food wrappers etc. in trash receptacles. We are striving to keep the Marina & Park as clean and litter free as possible. Please help us keep it that way.

Two bathrooms with shower facilities are located around the side of the office building. All customers are welcome to use these facilities as long as you clean up after yourself and respect the rules. The bathrooms are cleaned with antibacterial cleaners for your protection. If there are any problems please let us know immediately. Shower curtains should be kept closed in order to keep the floors and rugs dry. Trash from bathroom use may be put in the bathroom trash, but please do not use these for your regular RV trash. Do not wash dishes or utensils in the bathrooms. Do not let water run unnecessarily. Children are not allowed to use these facilities without adult supervision. Any damages will be the responsibility of the parent or supervising adult. Smoking is not allowed in the bathrooms or buildings.

RV lots are solely for those vehicles recognized as recreational vehicles by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). TxDOT recognizes vehicles that fit under the descriptions of a motor home or a towable recreational vehicle as recreational vehicles. Management reserves the right to approve or reject any unit due to size, type or appearance, in an effort to make our Marina & Park an outstanding one.

2 Vehicle is allowed per site. All guests are required to park only in your assigned site unless you are willing to pay for an additional space. No Parking in vacant RV sites without management approval will result in a charge equal to the rate that is assigned to that site.

Additional guests and their vehicles must be registered at the office. There may be an additional charge for overnight guests and for those who use park facilities
Absolutely no vehicle maintenance in the Marina & Park. Mechanical repairs and oil changes are not permitted on these premises.

No ATV's, Motor Bike's or Off-Road Vehicles allowed.

No campfires will be allowed. Charcoal and gas fire grills will be allowed.

Register your boat with the office upon check-in. Boats must either be parked in your assigned space or in designated parking areas. Once your boat is registered, use of the boat launch ramp is included for the duration of your stay in the Marina & Park. Also cheak with management to see if a possible open slip may be available during our stay.

We offer 30amp & 50amp electrical service for our convinance. Please keep windows and doors closed while AC is in use. Help us keep rental rates down.

One Water connection provided at each rental spot. Please use a backflow preventer. Please report any water leaks immediately to the management. Help us conserve water.

One sewer connection is provided; we ask that you seal the connection using a donut to prevent odors from escaping.

Free Wi-Fi is offered to Marina & Park guests. A password is provided upon check-in, however, please be advised some computer hardware may not be compatible with the Wi-Fi service offered. Wi-Fi is not guaranteed. Internet services may only be used for lawful purposes. Transmission of material in violation of federal or state regulation is prohibited.

Free Cable TV is offered to Marina & Park guests. Please be advised that is for Basic Service and could be interrupted from time to time. Cable TV is not guaranteed. For a complete listing of channels offered visit .

Marina & Park management reserves the right to evict or refuse entry to any person who has evidenced a disregard for the Marina & Park rules or injuring our reputation by making bad faith allegations against us to others without a refund. All federal, state, and local laws must be obeyed while in the Marina & Park. Remember, your legal status is that of overnight guests only. The park is for vacation usage only. Longer stays can be requested but may not be granted. There will be no Sub-Renting or assignment of the space or RV of any kind. Guests and their visitors agree to use the Marina & Park at their own risk. The management and owners are not responsible for damage, injury or loss to persons, occupants or visitors of any age while at our park, pets or property due to theft, vandalism, fire, any other casualty, or act of God. We reserve the right the to make changes to the rules, regulations and fees that we deem necessary.

Beacon Bay Marina & RV Park renter, tenant or guest shall indemnify and hold harmless Beacon Bay Marina & RV Park, its officers, and employees from all claims, liability, and expenses, including but not limited to attorney and other professional fees, for injury to persons, loss of life, or damage to property arising out of the tenants exercise of his rights hereunder, except as my be caused by the gross negligence or intentional acts of Beacon Bay Marina & RV Park or its officers and/or employees.

We do not want to have so many rules. For most Guest these rules are just common since but for some you need rules. Thank you for obeying these rules. We hope your stay will be enjoyable and you will visit us again soon!

I have received and read a copy of the Beacon Bay Marina, LLC. area rules and regulations.

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For Emergences call 911

Polk County Sheriff's Office: (936) 327-6810

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